08 September 2017

Day 22 - Village After Village

7 Sept

With the GPS still set on fast, the day was starting our much the way we left yesterday … raining, autobahns and roadworks. We're headed west out of Munich and the ETA showed as 11:45. Time to switch to scenic. It added more than 3 hours to the ETA but that was more in line with our room booking. We worked our way through charming towns and villages.
They mostly have a steeple

All too picturesque
At one set of traffic lights we glanced across and saw what looked to be a motorcycle accessory shop. Maybe we should have a look. Before we left home we discussed the possibility of buying new helmets now that European safety  standards are accepted in most Australian states. We found the Schubert helmet display. After trying them on, having a chat about if it were possible to mount our communication system, we now have two new helmets to bring home. With the sale discount and the overall difference in price between Europe and Australia, we bought two for the price of one.  Nice people at https://www.louis.eu/

Back on the road we could see the mountain ranges off in the distance. There have been a few twisty roads.
Excellent green countryside
Our arrival in Austria didn't involve any border guards, just a couple of signs after a bridge crossing.

We stopped for a break to have a coffee and a snack. There were a few other shops so we had a wander through just for a look-see and leg stretch.

A few more villages and we were through Austria and in Switzerland.

Entry to Switzerland had Border Guards.  She checked out our number plate and deciding we were French, waved us through.

We both had been noticing business names in what we've been referring to a villages. Heavy machinery manufacturer Liebherr, pen and pencil manufacturer Staedtler and kitchen appliance Bamix of Switzerland.
Many towns must be proud of their roundabout art.  Here are a few.

A few too many inner city roadblocks with the ETA extending out past 18:00, it was time to change to back to fast. It wasn't quite as intense as the autobahn. Switzerland’s maximum limit is 120kph.

Our accommodation is in the south western part of Switzerland and the signage in the towns has become French.

Tomorrow promises to be yummy......................