15 September 2017

Day 29 - Canals and Bridges

14 Sept
A common site as we travel through small villages with the GPS set on scenic.

Packed up and time to move on. Our start was in fog. We were travelling in a narrow piece of land between a lake and the sea. Again we had the scenic route beside farms and through villages. It's much more interesting travel than the freeways.
The flamingos were still asleep.

A slightly foggy morning on the coast

We arrived in Béziers to look for the canal and lock system, the Seven Locks of Fonserannes. After a bit of navigating, we found the locks and were able to see three houseboats pass through the last two locks. We considered having more of a look around but the very strong gusts of wind, whipping up the sand made it too uncomfortable to stay.
Moving through the locks

From down there...

...to up here in a few minutes - several times to continue their journey.
The crew works hard.

A disused lock door is a haven for plants.

Next point of interest for the day is the Viaduc de Millay. We drove over it, around and under it. The bonus was Peyre. The village is built into the cliff face. A superb contrast of old and new.
We drove over it (€10.10 toll)...

...looked from the info site...

...drove under it...

...got a shot from near Peyre...

... and from a lower bridge...

...and parked under it.

Peyre is a fascinating little village

The quickest way to Toulouse was over A68 taking in Albi. There are some good riding roads through this way.
As usual we made it into Toulouse on peak hour. Thankfully, for most of the trip we were against the congestion.

The accommodation is in the flight path of Toulouse airport. So far the planes have been on approach as they fly overhead. Wonder what time the airport closes?

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