13 September 2017

Day 27 - Further South

12 Sept

Early morning farewells with Michel and Christine. It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with them.

We fired up the Volvo and set our plans for the day. GPS set to scenic, a waypoint of Pont Du Gard set and we were off. It was only about an hour into the trip and the Volvo turned up a steep hill taking us through tight corners. Seemed like the Goldwing and the Volvo had a conversation overnight about what had happened over the last couple of days and the Volvo wanted a piece of it. We stopped and enjoyed the view from high.
About ready for Vintage

Rhone River cuts through the vineyards.

The scenic way to Pont Du Gard took us through lots of villages of various sizes. At one point the GPS wanted to squish the Volvo down a lane way. Not happening!

We arrived at Pont Du Gard via a village of Castillon Du Gard. It was early afternoon, the  temperature was around 25 degrees. We walked to the aqua duct and took in the detail of the construction.
Built around 50AD. 

and still standing.


Originally used as an aqueduct to bring water to Nimes

Later - 600 years later - used as a toll bridge across the river.

Time to head off to our accommodation at Montpellier. No more scenic for the afternoon, as we had a prearranged time to meet the landlord. This place was a little different as there were no towels provided. There are the usual amenities, but no towels. There must be a story in there somewhere. We purchased some on the way here and they will be used in protecting the helmets for the flights home.

On the drive into Montpellier, there were some large birds wading in the shallows. They were flamingos, not fully pink like in the photos from Africa, but there was some pink in the plumage. First time we've seen flamingos in the wild.  We'll try for photos tomorrow.

Accommodation sorted for two nights, we set off for find a supermarket to stock up for the next couple of days. On the way, we drove past a fort complete with moat. This could be worth a look tomorrow. 

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