17 September 2017

Day 31 - An Island Birthday

View of the Atlantic Ocean from our Motel room.
16 Sept

Will you still need me
Will you still feed me
When I'm sixty-four?

Happy birthday, Clint.
Doing my best Eddie impression.

We've spent a relaxing day exploring Île de Ré with a leisurely drive taking in the lighthouse at the westernmost point and the ruins of a church where Minerva had a fly. 

Baleines Lighthouse

Church ruins Les Châteliers
We took advantage of our location and had a wonderful meal of fresh seafood. Earlier we noticed the bridge to the island had a footpath, so after lunch we walked to the top. 
Pont De Ré
For the rest of the afternoon we watched a 1995 movie “Heat” which was dubbed in French and no subtitles. Interesting to see how well the dubbing matched the movements.

Tomorrow we are in the road again for our second last night in Europe.

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