12 September 2017

Day 26 - More Mountain Passes On The Wing

11 Sept

We woke to clear blue skies and a ride back over the pass and into France (home). We stopped not far into France for a photo. Clint brought Minerva out for a little fly. She’s a bit out of sorts and needs to be interfaced with the laptop which we didn't bring. She wasn't responding properly so it was only a short flight and a couple of pictures.

Back on the bike and it was time to make our way up to the highest of the French Alpine passes. But first a fortifying hot chocolate before ascending to 2,770m. We stopped part way up for a photo and could hear a marmot whistling. We could just make out the little fella’s head poking up from the rocks below. At the top the temperature dropped to 6 degrees.
Great place for hot chocolate

Can you see the marmot?  Me neither.

We completed another couple of passes, one at 2,180m? It was time to fuel the bikes and to fuel us. In true French spirit, we bought bread, cheeses and salami to eat in a nearby park. The only thing missing we were assured by Michel was the red wine. Probably, not such a bad idea considering we still had more riding to do.

One of the afternoon passes, St Bernard had us concerned about the weather. Dark, heavy clouds were threatening, turning the temperature even colder. We had seen fresh snow on the peaks in one of the earlier passes. This change in the weather could make for interesting riding, if at all. We didn't hang around long after taking a photo at the summit sign. We rode back down as to continue on would have had us back in Italy.
He was there to be ridden.

A couple of more passes to fill the afternoon. Each one a little lower than the previous until it was time to hit the highway at Albertville to head for home.

All up we crossed nine individual passes, with one being done twice, that makes ten of the best riding experiences. We missed out on a couple due to the rock slide. There's always a reason to return, right?

We arrived home safely, tired and happy with it only being a little wet for a few minutes on the freeway.

Clint and I would like to thank Michel and Christine for planning and providing us with a wonder experience. These are memories we will cherish forever. The second main objective of our holiday has been successfully completed with the extra added bonus of being able to spend time on a Goldwing with our friends.

What a great couple of days with these great friends.
Thanks Michel and Christine for a wonderful time.

Magnifique, favoloso and a bloody rippa!!! 

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