16 September 2017

Day 30 - Just A Drive Day

15 Sept

Today was just a drive day, nothing in particular we wanted to see. The drive however, was like taking Mt Tamborine, Mt Glorious and Maleny, Montville roads for several hundred kilometres.
Regular avenue.
The centres of the roundabouts in the Toulouse-Blagnac region were filled with either landscaped plants or sculptures.

Roundabout sculpture
We had been following the Canal des Deux Mers. The canal follows the railway for a lot of the way. It joins the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coast.  It looked like we'd come across another stage of the Tour de France as one town had bicycles suspended from the light poles.

As we were driving into one town, Golfech, the steam from the power plant dominated the sky.  We had morning coffee and eclairs in a lovely boulangerie.
Only steam from a nuclear power plant.

The clouds created by the cooling towers generated a light rain over the town.
At the edge of the Bordeaux region we stopped beside a vineyard to give Minerva a fly. Rain was approaching so we didn't stay too long.
White wine in the making

Reds likewise - vintage is nigh

Hi there - drone selfie

The scene near Bordeaux

We bypassed Bordeaux proper and continued through the vineyards of the district. Eventually we had to join the main flow of traffic as there was only one road to our destination. Beside the bridge we used to cross to the Ile du Re There was another bridge, of sorts. It looked to be a suspension bridge, but a very big one.
Not real sure....
We've stopped for two nights in a hotel with a room overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. We've seen the Atlantic from the eastern side and now we're seeing it from the western side. 
View from out hotel room.  Good night.

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